Canadian Jamaican 
Club of Oshawa

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  Contact us:

Thorton Dundee Park-Hall
210 Thorton Rd N
Oshawa On 
Monthly Meetings Every 2ND Sunday

First Vice President
​         Frederica Black

   Elkanah Clarke
Second Vice President 
           Sylvia Weather
   Dane Record
Director At-Large
       Yvonne Thomas
 Pita-Garth Case
 Michael Fenton
 Mailing Address: 
 Oshawa Centre Post Office
 P.O. Box 30526
 Oshawa, Ontario L1J 8L8
   Omar Wisdom
Roderic Southwell
Director At-Large
   Stanley Weathers
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Email: cjcoshawa@gmail.com
Password: cjcdurham

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