Canadian Jamaican 
Club of Oshawa

About the Club 

    The Canadian-Jamaican Club is a non-profit, voluntary service organization, dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life in communities throughout the Durham region by co-coordinating the efforts of affiliated committees.

    The Club was formed in June 1980. The Organization developed out of the felt needs of groups of West Indians and Canadians for closer communication with one another, and for opportunities for individual and community advancement. 

    The Club is established as an independent body, politically non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-racial, and non-profit, and operates as a dynamic, action-oriented service organization working for the improvement of relationships between all elements of the society, through the activities of affiliated committees.

    The Club is administered by an elective executive of ten members supported by a number of standing committees. Our membership at large is provided with the opportunity of serving on the education, cultural, public relation, sports, youth, outreach and social committees.


The Main Objectives of the Club are:

(a) To create and foster a spirit of understanding and co-operation among its members and all the diverse people in the society.

(b) To work for the removal of barriers to education and career opportunities among the socially disadvantaged.

(c) To work for the elimination of negative racial and cultural stereotypes and to actively promote the concept of multiculturalism.

(d) To unite the members of the community in the bond of friendship, good fellowship and co-operation.

(e) To promote unity, efficiency, dignity and resourcefulness among the members through training programs.

(f) To promote the principles of good government and good citizenship.

(g) To establish leadership training, community development and education programs.

(h) To encourage members to take an active interest in civic, cultural, social and recreational activities.

(i) To provide a forum for the discussion of all matters relevant to the terms of reference of the club.

(j) To engage in such activities as will permit the sharing of West Indian culture with the wider community.